Auto Glow

  • Water & Corrosion proof
  • Long Maintainance-free life
  • No External or Internal wiring/Electricity or Battery power required
  • Elegant finish with asthetic looks
  • Fire rating : Available in half to four hour rating

Auto-glow is a modern and novel entrant in the field of illumination of emergency Exit/Fire Exit Signs that marl the life saving paths for emergency evacuation. When accidents, power outages or fire occurs, electricity goes off or is cut off, leaving an area a total black-out. Auto-glow directional signage system emits a clear and visible glow that helps the users to lacate exits in such events.

Principle : Upon exposure to light, natural or artificial, this photo luminescent material absorbs and stores light energy and then in the absence of light, this captivated light is released to give off a luminous glow by its non-toxic chemicals.

Applications : Public buildings, hospitals, factories, auditoriums, theatres, hotels, subways, banks, guarages, offices, schools, restaurants, ships, aircrafts, warehouses, power plants etc.