Fire Shield CO2 Flooding system ( Fast acting with proven effectiveness )


In Fire Shield CO2 Flooding Systems, Carbon dioxide (CO2) is stored in liquid form with maximum filling ratio of 0.667 kg/ ltr of cylinder volume. 1 kg. of liquid CO2 vapourizes to occupy approximately 560 ltrs at atmospheric pressure & 210 C temperature. This means that, a large quantity of CO2 gas is effectively stored in liquid from in relatively smaller cylindrical volume, reducing the hardware requirement to flood / inject it through the pipe network to the extinguishing sector, causing volumetric reduction of oxygen concentration & phisical cooling, thereby extinguishing the fire effectively.

Design & Engineering

Proper designing of pipe- network is of prime importance for efficient discharge of CO2 in the protected area, without forming snow or ice. Our vastly experienced panel of engineers follows NFPA-12 ( National Fire Protection Association) Rules & IS:6382 codes for designing & installation of Fire Shield CO2 Flooding System. It consists of a supply of CO2 stored in explosive approved, high pressure, seamless steel cylinders, conforming to IS:7285, fitted with solenoid valve. Each cylinder is equipped with an actuation device which may be mechanically, electrically or pneumatically activated to extinguish the fire. Our microprocessor based control panel presents a wide range of options for automatic and manual operation - the latest in programming oppurtunities, system status monitoring, post - discharge feedback etc.

Centralized Installations

In centralized installations, the cylinders, grouped together in a common bank, with a volume of gas sufficient to protect the largest area is optimized to protect multiple hazard zones using directional ( selection ) valves.

Modular Installations

In modular installations, the cylinders are separately situated in distantly located fire - prone zones to be protected. Ideal for small hazard areas situated at distant locations. with the ever - expanding needs of fire protection, we offer different types of CO2 Flooding Systems to meet your peculiar needs.

Total flooding System

A pre-determined amount of CO2 gas is transported though fixed pipe network to nozzles in the enclosed protected area. It floods the CO2 gas evenly, throughout the protected area, providing a total fire protection. The CO2 concentration must be maintained for a sufficient period of time to extinguish the fire completely.

Local Flooding System

Nozzles are so arranged to discharge CO2 gas directly onto the fire. it is applied to protect particular equipments, isolated from other combustibles, so that fire will not spread beyond the protected area.

Hand Hose line System

Flexible, high-pressure, hand-held hose lines are permanantly connected to a fixed supply of CO2 gas. It is applicable for manual protection of small, localized equipments.


  • Clean agent, no post-discharge residue to clean up.
  • It is a naturally occurring gas, so very economical with long-term availability.
  • Low Maintainance - the weight of CO2 gas cylinder should be checked at least once in a year along with working of the total system.
  • Electrically non - conductive.
  • Colourless & Odorless.