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  • Microprocessor Based Conventional/
    Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

Microprocessor Based Conventional/Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

After receving electronic impulses from the detectors or MCP it declares the emergency state of fire by sounding the hooters.

  • 2-16 zones/2 or 4 loop & 2 to 16 loop capacity.
  • Upto 26 devices per zone/126 devices per loop.
  • User friendly controls with clear, unambiguous screen.
  • Battery back-up with built-in charging.
  • Public address system with two-way communication.
  • Automatic test mood with cross-zoning facility.
  • Compliant with IS : 2189 & EN54 parts 2 & 4.
  • Extensive mode change options by day/night and special group allocation.
  • Windows-based, fully upload/download PC software package.
  • User definable text messages.
  • Compatible with Auto-Dialers to intimate fire-emergency.

Beam Detectors

Principle : It consists of three main parts - the transmitter, which project a modulated infra-red light, the receiver, which registers the light and produces an electrical signal and the interface, which processes the signal and generates alarm or fault signals.

Principle : The transmitter and receiver are designed to be fitted on opposite walls approximately 30 to 60 cm below the ceiling, to protect an area upto 100m long and 15m wide, a total of 1500 m2.

Applications : It has been designed to protect large open spaces such as museums, churches, warehouses, factories, shopping malls etc.

Flame Detectors

Principle : An infrared sensor, designed to detect specific types of flames, making it immune to solar radiation and other nuisance sources of infrared. It is sensitive to low-frequency, flickering infra-red radiation, emitted by flames during combustion.

Applications : It is designed for use in large areas that require a detector to give a fast response in potentially dusty or highly flammable environments, such as textile factories, aircraft hangars etc.

Battery Operated Detector

Applications : It is operated on battery, meant for use in small areas like home, small offices, workshops etc.

  • Easy testing facility by depressing the button.
  • Easy installation with convinient clamps.
  • Low battery signal is indicated when it beaps about once a minute.