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Conventional Fire Alarm & Detection System

Fire Detectors

The detection of fire the first and the most important step in order to initiate the process of extinguishing any fire.Fire Detrctors detects the fire through smoke or heat and signles the Control Panel by electronic impulses about the alarm-state.

Ionisation Smoke Detector

As smoke enters the detector, it reduces the current flow in the low activity radioactive foil of Americium 241, increasing the voltage, monitored by electronic circuitry, which triggers the detector into alarm state.

Optical Smoke Detector

As smoke enters the detector the light pulse from LED gets scattered, which is registered by the photo-diode, changing the detector into alarm state.

Heat Detector

In the event of fire, the temperature of the exposed thermister increases rapidly, resulting in an imbalance, causing the detector to change into alarm-state.


Tyhe basehave been designed to enable detectors to be plugged in without any need for force, particularly useful while fitting to the suspended ceilings.


Provides a distinct audible alarm in the state of fire, after receiving an electronic impulse from the Control Panel.

Response Indicator

Indicator LED produces red light in alarm-state, providing a visual signle.

Manual Call Point

An optional component providing an added advantage of manually signleing the Control Panel about the alarm state.