Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus

  • Easy breathing, Light weight.
  • Conforms to IS:10245

Applications : Meant for fire fighting, redcue and industrial applications. Excellent for working in smoke/gaseous contamination of any degree or oxygen deficient areas.

Cylinder Assembly : Seamless, high pressure steel cylinders, duly tested for pressure, fitted with valve.

Face Mask : Full face mask has reflex-edges for perfect face seal. Optically clear polycarbonate lens with impact resistance, Anti-scratch coating. Adjustable head harness with excellent fit, no hair pulling.

Back plate assembly : Ergonomical design of sturdy back plate ensures equal weight distribution. Cylinder retaining strap with large, easy-to-grip catch lock is fitted for it's quick tightning.

Service Time : Available in 30, 45 & 60 minutes duration. other models also avilable on request.

  • Adjustable waist belt offers easy and quick fastening.
  • Low-air warning-whistle./li>
  • Easily readable pressure guage indicating cylinder pressure even during working, due to free swiveling.

Smoke Generators

Compact & Light-weight
It's a portable device, producing large volumes of dense, white, non-toxic, non-iritant, non-flammable, odorless oil - based smoke.

Applications : Fire fighters and Damage Control Schools use these to produce fake smoke for use with fire effects, creating a trauma scean for rehearsing emergency situations. Since its introduction, water soluble fog effects have become among the most commonly used special effect in all aspects of entertainment, including stage, film, television and theme parks etc.

Thermal Imaging Camers

Reliable & Efficient
These are portable & Light-weight devices with optional wireless transmission & receiving system with transmitting capability of upto.
1.5 km. range, providing a clear vision to fire fighters to see through dense zero visibility smoke & darkness to locate the seat of fire, search the trapped casualties and initiate rescue operations.